Terms + Conditions

My goal is to create a design that represents YOU. In order for this to happen, our communication is critical. I am happy to use any means of communication with you - We can settle everything via email, chatting on the phone, meeting up for lunch - whatever you are comfortable with or believe is necessary to receive the blog you want!

All design fees are charged through PayPal. Once I receive your submission through my Get Started page, I will email you back with price quote. Then, I create your design template. Once the template is finished and all revisions have been made I will send you an invoice. Full payment must be received before your template is installed.

For installation purposes, I will need to either be added as an 'Admin' to your blog, or given the username and password to your blogger account. This information is held in confidentiality, and will be destroyed once installation is complete and revisions are finalized.

Each of my designs will have a 'Site B' logo inserted in the footer (bottom) of the website, which may not be removed.

Each additional blog revision will cost $5, and payment must be received before the revision is conducted. 

Site B is not responsible for any images/design elements provided by you that require permissions to use or are copyrighted.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone if the design wanted is not found to be beneficial to the reputation and/or portfolio of Site B.

All designs, templates, and graphics are property of Site B. Designs may not be modified in any way once they have been installed.